Lower the marketing cost to cast a new reality TV show concept for HGTV network. The casting agency for the new show typically spent a significant budget to fully cast a show.


Using a combination of creative messaging and extremely narrow targeting for social media ads, Intellig8 was able to reduce the budget by an order of magnitude. The existing process was to charter a bus with a casting team that traveled the nation to various events held at local venues in towns and cities. This was an extremely expensive proposition.

The Intellig8 team established and executed a campaign strategy to leverage social media, targeted messaging, and ads to generate a potential casting list of prospects for less than $1 each. Our team also helped implement a sustainable marketing management process for the client to assume ownership of future casting campaign management needs. This provided the casting agency with a cost-effective strategy for casting while differentiating themselves in the entertainment industry as leaders in digital.

If you want to reduce your acquisition costs while rocking out your growth, Intellig8 can help you plan, launch, and manage laser-focused digital campaigns. Contact us NOW to discuss your marketing campaign ideas.





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