Our Vision

Intellig8 has expertise in optimizing conversions. We measure everything and use data to maximize your marketing ROI. Optimizing your marketing funnel to increase conversions is an essential part of our work. Our goal is to help our clients achieve the tightest fit possible between resources and tactics. We use and teach a continuous improvement mindset that’s more focused on hard data than big ideas and massive creative concepts.

Our Approach

Intellig8 proposes a target oriented, sprint based approach with weekly reviews and reports. Our approach begins with the creation of a baseline of metrics which describes the present status of the campaign. We use this data during our creative sessions and combine it in our analysis with the marketing information and the targets of the campaign as provided by our client.

We then create a set of theories and flows that we propose to test and prioritize them according to our experience, the client’s market position and branding, the product’s marketing status and the flows applied by the competitive forces in the marketplace.

We enhance these flows by applying A/B testing, advanced UX/UI practices and other growth techniques based on behavioral models of the target customer personas within a clearly defined customer segmentation.

Our aim is to design flows that secure the conversion of the interested goal seekers customer subset and create a measurable path towards the desired targets.

Why Intellig8?

We put the reporting in place from day one. You will always have access to the performance of your campaigns. We deliver detailed dashboards and reporting that can be used to take corrective action as soon as the data indicates. Our approach is that of testing and iterating based on hard data Every proposed change is backed by hard data. Our goal is to provide comparison data between the alternate versions and clear KPIs of the better performing option.

If you want to clearly define and develop your funnel, let us help you optimize the performance of your campaigns!





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