Enerfab is a large, privately-held industrial conglomerate group of related companies. With a major transition in senior leadership came the strategic directive to improve marketing and sales across the entire organization including subsidiaries.


Intellig8 provides strategic digital leadership on an advisory basis, while also managing the architecture and implementation of the marketing and sales tech stacks. As the digital strategy leadership resource to the senior management, Intellig8 provides a wide array of services including marketing technology, project management, software integration, vendor selection, marketing and sales process alignment, and the functional interface between the marketing, sales and internal IT management teams.

This positions Enerfab for future growth by leveraging a suite of marketing and sales technology tools within new processes.

As senior leadership, you need the right blend of expertise to help your team properly align marketing, sales and technology to reduce your cost of customer acquisition and increase the lifetime value of your customers. Talk to Intellig8 NOW about how we can help you leverage digital tools within the right strategic framework.





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