CraftForce is a staffing company for skilled trades within heavy industry. When they decided to try and launch a two-sided marketplace platform to recruit employers and workers, they experienced frustration with their design-focused agency not having product launch and management experience. The core business of creating a marketplace software platform was also in conflict with the core business model of agency recruiting since it allowed workers and employers to directly connect, thus disrupting the agency function in the middle.


Intellig8 established a product management roadmap that moved the product development into a agile scrum process. We worked to modify the business model for the platform to preserve the agency role for the staffing operation, thus fully integrating the software into the primary business function vs. the software conflicting with the core business. We manage the product and all engineering efforts to deliver the platform as a fractional CTO at the board level for the company.

As a result, CraftForce has been able to grow their marketing funnel for both recruiting and sales to employers with the platform. They’ve achieved marketplace traction in the skilled trades sector and the platform itself is under consideration to be spun out as a stand-alone product for the recruiting and staffing industry.

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