The Campus Suite leadership team wanted to launch a new version of their flagship CMS product for the EdTech market.


Intellig8 helped Campus Suite develop and implement a formal product management process and framework.

While Campus Suite launched the first iteration of their product out of their legacy business, it was a series of “one off” code bases for each of many clients. This created an infrastructure management problem and added significant cost to their operating model. Not to mention many support issues and performance hiccups.

After spending time defining the new product with the internal development team, Intellig8 worked as the Scrum Master and Product Manager to help ensure a solid launch of the new management processes and metrics.

This allowed Campus Suite to scale the development team to include externalized engineering resources like software coding and devops. No longer a silo operation, the internal dev team was able to deliver a higher level of feature releases with the extended resources.

This has positioned Campus Suite in their market to become a significant player by rapidly adapting their core offering to include new features faster than their competitors. Campus Suite is well-positioned to continue growing through new market share and capital funding positioning.

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