Digital technology has become the catalyst for pure disruption within organizations – most recently in marketing and sales. It is wreaking total havoc on well-established business models and even upending entire vertical markets.

Intellig8 help business owners, senior executives, and marketing professionals anticipate and adapt to digital trends — accelerating growth and transforming their brands and businesses for success in the digital world.

Across industries and functions, the common denominator these days is disruption and change.

Smart, innovative business leaders are asking how digital technology can be leveraged to drive transformative growth.

Rather than view digital technology as an obstacle, the smartest leaders are exploring how the challenges posed by disruption and rapid change can be turned into a competitive advantage.

Intellig8 is privileged to work with such a talented group of clients. We provide a wide range of functions to those who look to us to help solve exactly these kinds of multifaceted challenges.

At the strategic level, we don’t have any sort of routine or typical assignment. Strategy & innovation are as unique as fingerprints when it comes to value propositions and business models.

In fact, we’ve seen over and over how simply copying tactics without a solid, high-level game plan that aligns with the company’s unique strategy will result in failure.

We are frequently engaged to support projects like:

  1. long-term planning and digital road map development
  2. financial modeling and business case definition for digital initiatives
  3. digitally-driven product/service innovation
  4. “omnichannel” experience strategy
  5. new market entry and brand launches
  6. digital product and software development
  7. organization, governance, and process design for digital excellence.

Intellig8 leverages the full breadth what digital technology represents to marketing and business growth — whether it’s brand planning and communications, or technology systems integration. We help to develop scalable systems that deliver unique strategic insight and actionable recommendations.

Our objective is to help clients unlock new drivers of growth and competitive advantage.

Whether it’s strategy development or solution implementation, let the Intellig8 team help you grow your business. Contact us NOW to discuss how we can help you discover new growth opportunities.




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